European Council of International Schools
European Council of International Schools
ECIS April Leadership Conference Workshop Proposal Form
  Date: 4th - 7th April 2013
  Theme: Strike the Balance
  Location: Intercontinental Hotel in Berlin, Germany
  Deadline for proposals: Wednesday, 2nd January 2013
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  If you plan to have additional presenters in your session, we will need the contact information for each presenter.
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  Example: Join the presenter for an interactive workshop to discuss corporate fundraising at international schools. The speaker will lead the discussion on how ISZL has had success in raising over 10 Million Swiss Francs from area companies for capital purposes as well as for school sponsored events.
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Room Setup Requests
  While we do our best to honour the preferences of all of our presenters, there are times when facilites and resources are unavailable due to circumstances beyond our control.
  All presenters must bring their own laptops.
  Essential Facilities Requirements
  CD Player
  DVD Player
  Data Projector
  Internet Connection
  Room Layout*
  The room layout generally includes a head table, table for handouts, and necessary supports for any audio-visual equipment needed.
  If you have specific room arrangement requirements, please describe them below.
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