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European Council of International Schools
November Conference Workshop Proposal Form DUE MAY 1st 2013!
Annual General Meeting, Conference and Exhibition
20th - 24th November 2013
Strike the Balance

We will use four strands to aid delegates in following a specific track throughout the whole conference. A proposed workshop that is aligned closely to one of the strands below will be more likely selected (although not guaranteed).


Enhanced pedagogy - The World is changing faster than at any previous time, and education needs to change in response. Previously, teaching was focused on transmitting chosen knowledge and skills to succeeding generations and was a one way process. In order to improve schools, teachers need to meet this challenge by examining existing structures, practices, definitions of knowledge, and applying current research.  

Cultural Agility - The ability to work collaboratively with teams of people from a range of backgrounds and countries is critical in the world our students are entering. International Schools are defined by this ability for both students and educators. In our highly mobile and globalized world this could be considered to be one of the most desirable skills required by employers.

Innovation - How are educators changing teaching approaches and using technology and other tools to help teachers and schools provide the best possible learning for young people? Innovation can be seen through the curriculum design process, classroom practice, and the development of a mindset and skill of innovation in students.        

Showcasing best practice - How are schools and teachers implementing the powerful ideas above into their teaching and daily practice? The ECIS showcase is intended to share this.
ECIS has a Professional Development Committee, which provides general policy guidelines for the professional development of faculty and staff in the ECIS schools. There are also interest committees - made up of serving teachers - which have considerable influence on the workshops chosen.

Your completed proposal, therefore, will be forwarded to the appropriate committee for its comments. The ECIS Executive Director/CEO and Professional Development Committee, will then make the final decision, bearing those comments in mind, as well as the need for balance in the overall programme. Once the decisions have been taken, ECIS will get back to you.

As you will see from the proposal form the deadline for receipt is Wednesday 1st May 2013. However, this is the very latest date that we require the proposals. We would be grateful if you could get them back to us as soon as possible.

Thank you for your interest and support.

Complete your name, title and position as you would prefer it listed in the programme and give your address for correspondence.
First Name:
Last Name:
Address for correspondence:
Telephone:  Fax:
Should you be giving a joint workshop, give details of the other presenter(s) involved.
List the names, titles, email addresses, mailing addresses, telephone and fax numbers of additional presenters on this topic:
Have you previously presented at an ECIS conference, workshop, or other non-ECIS professional development event?
If yes, please list the date(s) of your workshop(s): (only list those workshops since 2009)
List topic(s) that you addressed:
For this conference, a separate proposal form and title is required for each session. If each session is related, an overall title is necessary.
Proposed session title for this conference:
If you are proposing two or more related sessions, an overall title is necessary:
We offer single, double, half day and full day sessions. The single session is 60 minutes in duration, and the double session is 135 minutes. A double session is made up of two single (60 minute) sessions plus a 15 minute break, i.e. 60 min + 15 min + 60 min = 135 min.
Length of session(s):
This section is used to describe the session in the conference programme. An example follows of how the session description should be written. Please avoid the use of personal pronouns.
Join the presenter for an interactive workshop to discuss corporate fundraising at international schools. The speaker will lead the discussion on how ISZL has had success in raising over 10 Million Swiss Francs from area companies for capital purposes as well as for school sponsored events.
Proposed session description (approx 50 words):
We need to know the two main areas of classification to assist with the scheduling of the programme. These two areas should be selected from the following list:
Please select one strand from the following list. This will encompass the main focus of your workshop.
It is necessary to complete these sections to advise of your target audience - the set age groups include: 3-5 years; 6-10 years; 11-14 years; 15-18 years; full age range, i.e. 3-18 yrs.
Target audience - teachers of students aged:

Format of session: i.e. audience participation, presentation, small group discussion, practical application, discussion (this could be one or a combination of all these). ECIS will give preference to workshops in which participants are active learners.

Please tick all those relevant.

Audience participation:
Small group discussion:
Practical application:
This section only needs to be completed if more than one related session is being presented.
If you are proposing two or more related sessions and wish them to follow a particular sequence, should this session be:
Please briefly describe the main objective of this session.
Has your proposal been approved by your Head of School (each presenter must obtain permission from each of their heads of school)?
If you are working at an ECIS member school, you must get your head's approval before submitting your proposal(s) for consideration. Your head must confirm that he/she is willing to support your attendance at this conference if your proposal(s) is/are selected for the programme by covering all costs associated with attending this event. Please note that the sole or first presenter's registration fee for each individual session will be waived. Please ask your head to email with the confirmation, including the name of the presenter, proposal title and school name.
(If you are not at a school and wish to present at the conference, please leave this question blank.)
Presenter one: Head: Email:
Presenter two: Head: Email:
Presenter three: Head: Email:
ECIS expects presenters to bring their own laptops and will do its utmost to provide other equipment requested; however, we cannot guarantee to do this (some items of equipment are very expensive to hire; therefore it is essential that you only request items which are ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY for your workshop).
Please note, if you are bringing an Apple Mac for your workshop, please ensure you bring the correct VGA adaptor.
Will you be providing your own data projection facilities?
Do you wish ECIS to provide data projection facilities?
Do you require an internet connection?
Please note that a Fliphart will be provided in every presentation room.
General AV requirements  
CD Player:
DVD Player:
Furniture arrangements:
All rooms will be set out cabaret-style, i.e. tables and chairs. Should this arrangement not be satisfactory please indicate below your preferred furniture layout. This will be adhered to unless the restrictions of the conference site and scheduling requirements make it impossible to do so. The room layout generally includes a head table, table for handouts, and necessary supports for any audio-visual equipment needed.
Preferred layout:
This takes into account your preferred furniture arrangements, but due to the restrictions of the Conference site we sometimes are not able to comply.
Please note below any further requests, scheduling restrictions, or comments on any of the above items, that should be taken into consideration:
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