ECIS Catalyst Grants

Catalyst Grant Application Guidelines

Eligibility Requirements

* Your school has an active ECIS Premium membership and will continue to be a member for the duration of the project / Project lead is a staff member of a premium school.

* Schools can only receive one catalyst grant per year

* This must be an early stage idea aimed at advancing into prototype.

* Ideas aimed at creating social impact, whether in education or another field.

* Ideas can be revolutionary or evolutionary (improving on existing ideas)

Grant Categories

ECIS encourages the applicant to identify a problem which they aim to solve.

Please note, ECIS Catalyst grants are not given for:

*Projects that cannot demonstrate social impact within the international education sector

* Ongoing running costs

* Animal appeals

*Overseas travel

Duration and Timing

Grants to be completed within 12 months. There is no minimum time commitment, but there has to be demonstrable evidence that a reasonable amount of time will be spent pursing the activities highlighted in your application.

Purpose of Catalyst Grant

To spur socially impactful programmes, through a first, and possibly second, round of grant funds.

Want are my chances of success?

Including the above mentioned, strong applications will also be demonstrate scalability. If you have applied for an ECIS grant before, you may be asked to provide progress of the project to date and achievements so far.

How to apply

Simply complete this application. Please note that ONLY information you have completed in this application will be considered, unless you are asked to submit supporting documents. This will be the exception rather than the rule.

Schedule for Grants Cycles

Grants are given on a quarterly basis at the following intervals

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