Governance Foundations

Trustees and governors, in partnership with the head of school, play a critical leadership role in international schools. Effective practices, policies, and behaviours at the governance level comprise an essential part of the foundation of stable and strong international schools, and that holds true whether we are considering not-for-profit or for-profit governing boards.

To venture into the world of international schools is to recognise the immense responsibility that comes with education; namely, to provide transformative experiences of learning that will empower young people to serve as promising change-makers, key influencers, and leaders around the world. Although trustees and governors of all types of international schools must pay attention to the operational bottom line, they must acknowledge that they serve as the custodians of the growth and development of young people, an awesome undertaking.

Enter our new course, ECIS Governance Foundations, which includes seven modules:

  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Fiduciary Obligations
  • Sustaining the Board
  • Sustaining the Head
  • Exemplary Practice
  • Strategists and Visionaries
  • Accountability

The curriculum includes a number of assessments, from highly interactive drag-and-drop assessments to verify basic comprehension of a topic, to qualitative responses relative to case studies that are meant to highlight issues that arise when governance is ineffective. ECIS Governance Foundations provides your board and your leadership with a solid understanding of the foundational aspects of effective international school governance. Upon completion of the course, anonymous assessment data are shared with the head of school and board chair, so that, together, they can ascertain whether any further governance education is needed, and in which specific area(s).

ECIS Governance Foundations is entirely online, which means that there is no need to assemble all your trustees or governors in one place for a full day (or two) of training. Learning can be done on one's own time, irrespective of location.

Who Should Take the Course?

ECIS Governance Foundations is designed for trustees and governors, heads of school, and aspiring school leaders at international schools around the world. It is especially valuable for brand new trustees and governors, recommended as part of board orientation or induction.

How Long  Is the Course?

It takes approximately eight (8) hours to complete the course online.

Will It Work on My Device?

Yes! ECIS Governance Foundations is a mobile-friendly course (phone, tablet), and it works beautifully on full-size computers as well, whether desktops or laptops. It also works with all major browsers.

How Much Does It Cost?

ECIS Members: £150 per person | £1,000 flat fee for seven (7) enrolments or more from your school

Non-Members: £300 per person | £2,000 flat fee for seven (7) enrolments or more from your school

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