Premium Membership

To qualify for Premium School membership, your school must be accredited, inspected, and/or authorised by a recognised agency, and feature:

  • A curriculum in which the culture and educational system of two or more countries is represented;
  • A curriculum typical of one country, but located in another country and actively pursuing cultural exchange with its host country; OR
  • A diverse student body, educational aims, and curricular offerings which promote and support the values of ECIS

Member Benefits


    • As a Premium member, you can nominate candidates for the ECIS Board of Trustees
    • As a Premium member, you may vote on business brought before the AGM


    Savings to You

    • 25% to 50% discount on professional learning events, workshops, courses
    • Save up to 30% on foreign exchange transactions through WorldFirst
    • 10% discount on recruitment advertising with TES

    Promote Your School, Your Job Openings, and Grow Your Network

    • Establish profile page for your school on ECIS Connect, our community platform, so that others can follow your school and receive your information and announcements
    • Join affinity groups that relate to your areas of interest and/or practice, growing your network of colleagues across the world, and participating in discussions and sharing of information
    • Post jobs in your school on our jobs board, reaching thousands of education professionals

    Research, Publications, and Data

    • Print subscription to ECIS Global Insights magazine
    • Surveys and reports on leadership development, professional learning, information on programmes from across our membership base
    • Unlimited access to ISC Online for Schools, where you can stay abreast of the developments in the international school market, including whether a new school is slated to open in close proximity to you

    Grants, Fellowships, and Awards

    • Catalyst grants to implement innovative ideas in your school
    • Outreach grants that support student service learning projects and activities
    • Fellowships in research and innovation to highlight exemplary practice, inquiry, and problem-solving
    • Award for International Understanding, for student in your school who actively promotes international understanding
    • Promotion of International Education Award, for adult in your school community who has made a significant contribution to international understanding

    You Help the International Community

    • Your school's membership subscription helps us to underwrite research on contemporary issues of international educational import
    • Your membership sustains our advocacy efforts with curriculum providers, accreditation providers, and advancement of sector-wide principles of ethical practice
    • Your support allows us to promote the positive social impact of international schools in our work with external agencies such as the OECD, and propose ways that such agencies can collaborate with international schools in order to create far greater impact through education



Chairman of the Board, TASIS England

“ECIS understands the complexity of international education and what it takes to be a world-class school.

The ECIS professional development opportunities are excellent, and their solution services have helped us to create a powerful, transformative vision for the future of our school.

We are pleased to be associated with an organisation which promotes leading practices across international education.”


Learning Support Specialist Teacher PYP

“It is truly an honour to be a member of ECIS.

Membership provides a plethora of experiences to develop as a professional international educator.

ECIS is committed to delivering high-quality opportunities and evolving innovative platforms to equip teachers and schools with the tools to cultivate optimal learning environments for all learners.

It has been incredible to witness educators collaborate, connect, and contribute to the continuous development of professionally ‘growing and becoming’ within education.”

Commercial Director, International Schools Unit, itslearning

“itslearning has found Partnership with ECIS to be exceptionally beneficial on a number of fronts.

Most importantly, the relationship has been a great conduit to connect us to our existing and future customers.

Also important is the calibre of conferences and events. These are of high quality and highly focused. For example, the tech conference, spring leadership conference, and annual schools conference allow us several opportunities each year to engage directly with the marketplace.

Aligning ourselves with ECIS was an easy decision, as we feel the core focus of the organisation and our goals are mutually aligned. ”



For start-up/early stage international schools, independent schools, and state (public) schools



For individuals seeking affiliation, discounts, learning and networking opportunities



For those organisations that provide products or services to the international market